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Birthday Butler Part 2

"You look so cute!" Was the first thing that Lizzy said when she saw me. "I knew that dress would look adorable on you."

"When have you ever been wrong about that?" I laughed at her.

"I wanted to visit with Ciel today but he is busy. He said me and you could go out for a picnic instead." She smiled at me.

"That sounds like a good idea. Where do we plan on going? I asked her. A picnic sounded better than sitting around doing nothing, and we were going to be staying for an entire week too.

"May I suggest the small clearing by the river? It's the perfect place for such activities." Sebastian chimed in. He had been pouring our tea silently up until now.

"Great idea Sebastian!" Lizzy was super excited already.

"If you'll excuse me I must return to my other duties as a butler, the young lord has much work to do that I must help him with." He glanced at me and smiled. Then he left the room without another word.

"So, did you enjoy yourself last night?" Lizzy asked.

"Yes! That party was wonderful!" I certainly had a lot of fun last night but it wasn't at the party. There was no way I would tell her that though.

"I'm so glad you did!" She went on and on about everything she did during the party and kept asking me what I liked best about it. We talked forever, with Lizzy around there was always a conversation going. Before long it was already time to head out for the picnic.

The door opened slowly and an older gentleman entered the room. "Good afternoon ladies," he started. "Are you both ready to head out?"

"Tanaka! I haven't seen you in ages! Yes, we're ready." Lizzy jumped up from her seat.

Tanaka? I was expecting Sebastian again. He must he helping Ciel. Both Lizzy and him had said that Ciel had tons of work to do. I shouldn't expect Sebastian to ignore his responsibilities for me, he still had a job to do. Though I couldn't help but be disappointed that it wasn't him.

Tanaka looked over at me and spoke. "Oh! Excuse me for my rudeness but it seems I haven't introduced myself to you yet. My name is Tanaka." He bowed his head. "I am the former head butler of the estate, but now I am only a humble servant, here to cater to your needs."

"Pleased to meet you Tanaka."

"Follow me." He led us out to the carriage and handed us small lacy umbrellas before we stepped out into the sun. "Take these, we wouldn't want your fair skin or eyes to be damaged by the sun now would we?"

Then when Lizzy stepped inside the carriage I was just about to follow her, but Tanaka stopped me and pulled me to the side.

"What is it?" I asked him.

"Mister Sebastian told me to send you his regards. He said to enjoy yourself today and that he would meet with you this evening. He has also hidden a small sketchbook under the seat of the carriage for you to take out to the lake." Then he whispered, "I believe he's hidden it away because it contains a little more than just blank pages..." Tanaka was obviously aware that we had a relationship, he just wasn't saying it out loud.

"I appreciate his thoughtfulness. He's a great man..." I stared down at my feet.

"Yes, indeed... Now shall we be off? C'mon, get on in the carriage. The sooner we get to the clearing the sooner you can check that book." He chuckled and helped me inside. As soon as I sat down I searched the bottom of the seat with my fingertips until I found the little corner of the book sticking out. I'll wait till Lizzy leaves the carriage before I try to retrieve it, I thought.


This carriage ride had taken too long with my anticipation to see the book. I wasn't exactly one for patience, I sighed when we finally got there.

As soon as Lizzy hopped out of the carriage and bounced off I pulled the book out from under the seat. It was just a normal white sketchbook with a pencil being held in the little spiral on the side. There was nothing on the outside but my name written in his beautiful handwriting.

I held it to my side and took the umbrella before getting out of the carriage myself.

Tanaka was setting the table and chairs out while Lizzy bounced around at the waters edge. So I was able to walk off alone for a minute and check what was in the book.

"Victoria. You're a smart woman and I want to make sure that no secrets are kept between us. I won't be able to see you today until late at night. Wait in your room until then and I will explain to you what I meant by some of my earlier statements. You seemed a bit confused but all will be revealed in due time. I also have one request for you today, draw what you portray to be a demon. I'm curious as to how it would look. I love you. ~Sebastian." That was what had been written inside the front cover of the book.

"What in the world does he mean by that!?" I was even more confused than before. "Ugh, well he did ask me to draw a particular creature, I may as well start on it... A demon huh? What would a demon look like?" I was talking to myself again. A habit I had to break if I didn't want to seem crazy.

"Whatcha looking at Victoria?" Lizzy's voice was right by my ear all of a sudden.

"Geezus! You scared the light right outta me! Don't sneak up on me like that Lizzy!!!" I yelled at her.

"Sorry... I- I didn't know." She looked down at her toes and I could tell I had hurt her feelings.

"Aw, it's alright. I was just startled that's all. It's not your fault." I reached out and hugged her, stroking her hair like a mother does to her child.

"I came to tell you that Tanaka has set up lunch for us, and then I saw you with that book. I just wanted to know what was in it." She murmured.

"Lizzy, some things I just can't show you... But this is an empty sketchbook so there really is nothing to show you." I lied. "I'd love to sketch you by the riverside it you would let me. That way there will be something in there for you to see." I tried to cheer her up.

"Really? Your so kind Victoria, of course I'll let you! Thank you!" My attempt at making her happy was working.

"Let go eat first then I'll do that, okay?"

"Okay." Lizzy skipped over to the table that was now covered in delicious foods of all kinds.

"Please take whatever you like." Tanaka said and pulled out a chair for me when I walked over.

"Thank you, the scones look delicious." I said and reached for a cherry one.

"Didn't you say once that they were your favorite?" Lizzy asked me.

"Yeah, I think I did." I took a bite of the flaky scone. It tasted better than any I ever had before. The cherries were fresh and the sugar on top was perfectly caramelized. "Who made these?"

"Mister Sebastian did. Ciel says his sweets are some of the best he's ever tasted. That quite a compliment coming from such a young earl." Tanaka answered me.

I wondered if Sebastian was just naturally good at everything, that's what it seemed like. He never missed a beat, and he was always knew what to do and when to do it. It was like he was some superhuman capable of doing things normal humans couldn't. But that wasn't possible... I laughed at myself for even considering such things.

I finished up my scone right around the time that Lizzy finished her cookies. She loved them by the way, especially peanut butter with chocolate chips.

"Lizzy, would you like to go down by the waters edge with me? You can watch the water flowing while I draw you." I suggested.

"Yeah, I'm ready!"

We headed down to the water's edge with Tanaka following, he carried two blankets. One for me and one for Lizzy. I would have to place mine a little further away from hers in order to get a good angle for the drawing.

"Right there is perfect Lizzy, the scenery looks at its best." I told her and pointed to a little grass patch closer to the pebbles and stones that rimmed the water. Tanaka laid her blanket down there and she took a seat. She had brought both of our umbrellas and she set hers out to block the sun.

"I should sit here Tanaka." Right where I stood was a great spot. So he set my blanket out as well. Lizzy handed me my umbrella before I sat down and I did the same as her.

"Okay Lizzy, just do what you always do and look pretty. You can talk and move a bit as long as you don't alter your pose to much." I told her and smiled.

"Yay!" She talked and talked. I just answered her while I drew. I wasn't really paying attention to what she said until I was almost finished. She said something that got my full attention.

"Sebastian is such an amazing butler don't you think? I'm glad he takes such good care of Ciel." She praised him.

"Yeah, he truly is wonderful..." I couldn't help but grin when I thought about him. Just then I put the final touches on the picture. "It's done Lizzy. Come and see!"

She jumped up from her spot and dashed over to mine, I handed her the sketchbook.

"Oh my... It's so beautiful Victoria!!! Your the best friend ever!" She gave me a great big bear hug, still clutching the book in her hands. While she hugged me, she looked over my shoulder at the sketchbook which I assume had been flipped to show the inside of the cover. "Hmm, what this?" She let go of me and brought the book closer to her face.

"No!" I snatched it from her hands. "I mean... It's nothing. Just some writing." I choked out quickly.

She just said nothing for a little while and held her hand close to her chest. I didn't know what to tell her to make her feel better this time.

"Maybe we should go back to the estate." She whispered.

"Yeah, good idea."

Tanaka packed up while Lizzy and I sat in the carriage. The silence was thick and filled with betrayal. I hadn't meant to snap at her like that, it just sort of came out. I hope it hasn't damaged her trust in me at too much.

Oh wait! I never drew what Sebastian had asked me to. Well I have until late this evening so I should be able to accomplish that in the time left. I wish I could see him again. I bet he would know what to say to mend Lizzy's wounded heart...


Would it have horns? I don't know! I don't know what the hell a demon looks like! I'm trying to use my imagination but all I can come up with are cartoon like characters.

Sitting in the lounge by myself helped me draw when I knew what I was doing. But now I needed someone's opinion, someone to talk to.

Maybe I just needed to make it simple, just a person with some overly exaggerated traits to made him look evil. That is the closest to a demon I could think of. Right, now I have my inspiration.

After a whole half hour of thought I finally set the pencil to paper. Starting with the head I sketched out glossy black hair that was longer in the front than in the back. Then I outlined the face which was chiseled and masculine but still had softer edges. The eyes came next. Blood red and framed with thick black lashes, they looked like snake eyes.

The rest of the picture took shape, long slender limbs, an open shirt revealing a muscular chest. Long dark wings made of raven feathers that dripped blood. The feathers were pealing off the wings, like skin off a rotting corpse. The demons body was covered in bleeding wounds and thick scars. When I finished I finally had a chance to look at the big picture.


What is this? This can't be right at all. This is... Sebastian?

The hair, the eyes, the body. They all match Sebastian perfectly. What surprised me and terrified me was that the wings and scars and blood seemed to... Belong there. Like if it were any different than that it wouldn't be right, Sebastian was supposed to be a demon.

What am I thinking?! Of course Sebastian isn't a demon! He is just an abnormally perfect butler. I can't let him see this picture, what would he think? That I sat here and imagined him as an evil supernatural creature? No, no he can't. But I refuse to get rid of this picture either. There is just something about it... How could I have created this?

"Victoria?" I heard my name called and a door opening.

I slammed the sketchbook shut and shoved it under a nearby pillow. "Yes?" I looked up.

"Oh hi. I'm uh, May Rin. Mister Sebastian told me to come find you and take you to your room for bed." She stuttered. May Rin seemed to be really shy and clumsy.

"Bed? Is it really that late?" I thought I had only been sitting here for two hours at most.

"Y-yes. You've been in here for almost four hours, yes you have." She answered.

Four hours!!! "Oh, alright then." There is now way I spent that long on my drawing.

"Follow me please." She said and turned towards the door. I snatched the sketchbook back from under the pillow and held it behind my back while I walked with her.

"Mister Sebastian told me you were staying in the special guest room on the top floor and not the one originally planned for you. Why is that?" She asked while she walked. I didn't sense that she was suspicious or anything, just genuinely curious.

"Well, Sebastian thought that room might suit me better than the other one." I had actually never seen the other one because I was taken straight to the one I'm staying in now.

She nodded and continued on. When we got to the room, May Rin fixed up my bed and helped me get into pajamas. Then she left.

I opened the drawer that I had crammed the sketchbook into when we got here and took it back out. I wanted to see the picture again to make sure my eyes hadn't been playing tricks on me.

Yep, it's definitely the same as I remembered, it still resembled Sebastian like a reflection. I sighed, it was probably just a coincidence that it had ended up like this. My brain has been so focused on Sebastian that it moved my hands to mimic his shape. I was just overreacting, that was all.


"Victoria, my love?" A sweet voice drifted to my ears that had me immediately awake.

"Sebastian? What time is it?" I must have fallen into unconsciousness without realizing it. I opened one eye and saw he was still in his uniform.

He pulled out a silver pocket watch and flipped it open. "It is eleven forty-six." He snapped it shut and put it away.

"It's late Sebastian, what are you doing here?" I groaned. I wanted to sleep some more.

"Did you forget what I wrote in your sketchbook?" He chuckled.

... The sketchbook!!! I jolted upright in bed and searched for it. It was laying right next to me and I grabbed it, pulling it behind me. Sebastian looked at me puzzled. "Yeah, I remember now..." I laughed nervously.

"What's the matter Victoria? Is everything alright?" He placed his hand on mine.

"Everything's fine. I just haven't finished my drawing yet and I don't want you to see it." I stammered.

"Hmm... Okay. I won't look yet." He smiled and reached around, taking the sketchbook. I set my hands on my lap and watched him set it on a table to ensure that he kept his word. "Anyways, I came in here to ask you something." He sat down beside me and kissed my neck. "Would you like to take a bath?" He whispered.

"Yes." I said. A bath this late? I don't think it will just be a bath...

"Perfect. If you hadn't noticed already, your room has one of the nicest bathing rooms in the mansion." He took my hand and led me there. He was right, and I had noticed before when I went in the bathroom to brush my hair.

He closed the double doors and left me by the doorway. "That nightshirt looks cute on you." He said over his shoulder while he started the bath.

"Thanks..." I blushed. I wasn't sure what to do in the meantime.

"Do you need some help removing them?" He grinned at me.

"That would be nice." I blushed even more. Why was I suddenly so shy compared to last night?

His hands slowly unbuttoned the front of my nightshirt. It was just long enough that it covered my underwear like a very short dress. I hadn't felt like wearing pants to bed. I giggled and thought about how childish I must look.

"What's so funny? Please tell me the joke so I may find humor in it too." He winked and spun me around so he could unhook my bra.

"Oh nothing, just that I had only been half dressed for bed."

"In my opinion, I'd say you were wearing to many clothes." He slipped my underwear off and pulled my hair out of a loose pony tail I had tied it in. Then he checked the water again.

"If that is your opinion than can I voice mine?" I smiled.

"Of course."

"In MY opinion, you shouldn't be wearing so many clothes either."

"Don't worry, that won't last long. How else am I going to help you bathe?" He turned around suddenly and pulled me into his arms, and then he kissed me. It was a sweet kiss, And my heart always skipped a beat whenever his lips touched mine. Then he lifted me up in his arms and set me in the bathtub.

He quickly got undressed while I watched him, every piece of clothing that came off his body made me more anxious to embrace him. He glanced at me and I quickly looked away, realizing that I was staring.

"Enjoying the show?" He asked.

"Maybe..." I blushed.

He finished undressing and slid into the large bathtub with me and wrapped his arms around me. It was nice, sitting in the warm bathtub with him beside me. I wanted to reach around and hug his body all of a sudden but for some reason the fearlessness I had that first night was replaced with shyness. Sebastian was not so shy though.

"You are so soft Victoria, with such a beautiful complexion." His large hands rubbed my sides and shoulders. His touch made me shudder. "What do you feel when I touch you?" He suddenly asked me.

"It feels very nice." I said.

"So would it feel even better if our bodies were more tangled?" He grinned.

I didn't say anything, I had finally gotten some of my courage back. So instead I turned myself around and wrapped both my arms and legs around his sturdy body. I curled my fingers in his messy black hair and kissed him deeply. He immediately returned the action and our breaths mingled together. His tongue swirled with mine and then he pulled back a little, grazing his lips down my chin and all the way past my collarbone. I shuddered again.

Suddenly he stopped himself. Sitting back up straight, he gently pulled my hands out of his hair and held them in his.

"Sebastian what's wrong?" That was odd. I wasn't expecting him to just stop...

"Im so sorry, your presence sidetracked me, I couldn't help myself. I was about to ask you something before you stunned me with your touch. Victoria..." Sebastian smiled. "When I said I had come in here to ask you something, I wasn't talking about the bath. It's also related to the request I gave you earlier in the note. And before we go any further I need to know your reaction to something I am going to tell you." He said slowly and he looked away from my face.

"What is it Sebastian? You can tell me anything." Even though I had only known him for an extremely short time that statement still held true. Whatever he had to say I could deal with it, but what could be so bad that he needed to know my reaction?

He paused for a moment before speaking. "You remember what I requested for you to draw right?"


"Tell me what it was that I asked."

"Well, you said to draw what I expected a demon to be." Now that I think about it, it was an odd thing. But since it was him who asked I didn't stop to question it.

"And you have finished that picture haven't you." He said.

"H-how did you know?" I had told him that it wasn't finished and I thought he believed me.

He chuckled. "You are so terrible at lying, do you realize that?" He patted me on the head as he said this.

My cheeks flushed a bright red and I looked down at his chest. "Yes..."

"Don't be ashamed, seeing you stutter like that was adorable." He kissed my forehead and then continued. "If I am correct then there was something off about the picture that made you want to hide it from me?"

"Yes." I answered him again.

"I have an explanation as to why that might be."

"What is it?" What could he possibly say that would explain the abomination that was a result of my sketching.

"I discussed whether I should tell you this with the young lord. He told me it was fine if I truly trusted in you, and I do..." He used his hand to tilt my head back up towards his so we were face to face, looking me straight in the eye. "Victoria, the reason I am so inhumanly perfect, is because I am a demon."


"I am a demon. Brought up from the underworld craving human souls to feed upon. I form contracts with humans to grant their wishes and in return I devour their souls when they come true, but I have been forever trapped with my last contractor due to an unforeseen circumstance. I am able to do such impossible things and act so perfectly because of this, and if my master commands that I do something then I must do it. If he were to ask me to bring the earth to the sun I would make it so. Although I doubt he would ask for something that difficult for even a demon to accomplish, he knows my limits. But the point is, I am not human like you Victoria. Our relationship will be hindered by this. And that is only if you will continue to be with me even after learning this." He stopped talking.

I couldn't hear anything, see anything, feel anything. The only thing I could sense was that one word, "demon", echoing through my head. Along with it came the image of the picture in my sketchbook. Sebastian standing there, body covered in scars and wounds, drenched in blood, eyes a glowing red, and black raven wings extending grotesquely from his back. That thing... Sebastian? He must be joking, but it didn't feel like it. His words only seemed to confirm the small suspicion I had in the back if my head. Sebastian wasn't normal... Sebastian wasn't human... Sebastian was a DEMON.

I placed my hand on his chest and shoved away from him as tears began to roll down my cheeks.

"Victoria?!" He saw my tears and tried to comfort me, I flinched when his hand brushed my hair back. "I-If you don't want me anymore, just say so. I... You can leave me, go back to your life and forget about me if this hurts you. I should have never kissed you that first time. I wasn't thinking, I was being stupid for once. You don't even need to forgive me, I will take whatever wrath you throw at me. Just please don't cry, I never want to see you cry..." His face was painted with sorrow and pain.

"I-I'm not crying because I hate you, nor because I don't want to be with you. I am crying because I realized that no matter what you are I can't stop loving you, I will always want you near my side. Demon, human, angel, or anything else. As long as you are you I will love you, and that frightens me." I confessed.

He just sat there and stared at me unblinkingly. And then a small smile crossed his lips. "I am so extremely happy that you still love me, there is no need to be afraid. I would never hurt you. As long as I exist I will protect you." He hugged me tightly to his chest and I just sat there and cried. His large hands stroking my wet hair eventually calmed me down to the point where my tears ran dry. I had so many questions for him, but I didn't know how to ask them.

"Sebastian, since you are a demon, have you ever.. killed a person before." I blurted out before I even noticed what I had asked. I clamped my hand over my mouth and he looked at me puzzled.

"Would it sadden you more to know that I have?" He answered me with a question.

"Y-you know, I bet they didn't even mind it." I whispered.


"The people who were killed by your hand probably didn't even mind the fact that they were dying."

"Why would that be?" He tried to decipher my thoughts but became even more confused.

"Because they would be too caught up on how beautiful you looked to care." I recalled how the demonic traits in my picture made him even more beautiful, but I shouldn't rely on that. There is no way that what I drew was exactly what he looked like. He could even be completely unchanged from his appearance now.

"I would have never expected that statement from anyone but you." A huge grin spread across his face.

He kissed me lightly and my heart raced with the touch. I wanted to go further but now that I knew he wasn't human it made me hesitate.

"You are so quiet, don't you have any questions? Ask me anything and I will happily answer. Sebastian picked up a bath sponge and applied soap to it, he washed my back while I thought.

"Anything?" I asked incredulously.

"Yes, I won't get mad after all, I promise." He washed my shoulder and then kissed it.

"Well I may have a few questions..." For the next half hour I asked him anything I could think of, and he continued to wash my body absentmindedly. Occasionally when I asked a certain question he would chuckle and give me a kiss before answering.

Sebastian was helping me get out of the bathtub when an unconscious question popped out of my mouth.

"Do you have a different form than the one you're in now?"

"Yes." He replied immediately. He was wrapping a towel around me and I froze.

"Oh," I don't know what shocked me so much. I expected such an answer in the first place. "What does it look like?"

"Do you want an explanation or an example?" He looked slightly concerned about what I might say to that.

"I don't know." I regained my composure and walked to the closet. I chose a nightshirt much like the one I had on earlier to wear.

The concerned look left Sebastian's face and he smiled at me. "I have an idea then."  He pulled a pair of pants and a white button up shirt out of another closet opposite to mine. I didn't respond to him and just dried my hair I front of a mirror. I hung my towel up next to the draining bath. "Can I have a look at your sketchbook now?"

"I guess so." There was nothing to hide about it now. In fact the picture inside didn't frighten me anymore, it matched up with Sebastian's explanation perfectly.

He took my hand and pulled me over to the bedside table where the sketchbook was and we both took a seat.

"Alright, let's have a look." He opened up the book and studied the picture carefully for a moment.

He burst out laughing.

It was so sudden that it made me jump and let out a little squeal. I had never heard Sebastian laugh like that before or be so loud. "What! What is it?!" I choked out, holding my hand over my chest to try and slow my beating heart.

He was still laughing, but then he got a bit more quiet. "I could have never imagined how accurate you would actually get!" He pushed the sketchbook towards me, still giggling like a maniac. "Of course that isn't EXACTLY what I look like thought, but you got very close."

"I have?"

"Yes indeed." He chuckled.
Welllllllllll... Here it is. I finally uploaded part two. i havnt been feeling like writing lately and i sort of forced this last part out of me. I hope it is still good though :) i have more ideas for the story now so the next part should be uploaded much quicker this time. I am also really sorry about the abrupt ending. I GOT WRITERS BLOCK! DX ill fix it up later... I really hope that you guys like it! and you should probably read part one first by the way... lol here it is: [link] If you like the story then be sure to check out my page and leave a comment with any suggestions you have! Thank you for all your love and support! <3

Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]
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